Big things happening concerning the British Royal Family! Even when marrying the Prince who may become King, there are strict rules about who may be Queen and what type of powers she holds.

This is a hundreds year old Royal Monarchy, there are rules about everything. Here are some questions and answers about the upcoming Royal nuptials.

1. Can Kate Middleton be Queen of England?

Apparently she can. Here is an answer from

2. How will we refer to the Royal Bride, now known as Kate Middleton?

It won't just be Princess Kate, though chances are the media may adopt that. Her title depends on what Queen Elizabeth decides. has a wonderful article about these age-old rules and traditions.

3. How do they decide who sits where at the Royal Wedding?


Some feelings may be hurt, let's just put it that way. Nothing new for a big wedding, but in this case, it's almost as if England is ranking the importance of foreign dignitaries by the seating chart. Wow, what a task. brings us this interesting piece.

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