It's not a story you hear much, coming out of Loveland. But tensions can run high at times even in Loveland traffic. Prayers for the man's family.

Denver's Channel 7 has the story on how on Friday (February 8, 2019) there was a road rage altercation of some sort between three men along Lincoln Avenue (south of Highway 402) that left a man, Jason Wheeler, on the ground and not breathing. He was pronounced dead at McKee Medical later that afternoon.

There aren't many other details about the incident at this time, as the incident is still under investigation. One thing to note (from Denver 7) is that Jason was going through kidney failure and his wife was set to give him one of hers.

There has bee a GoFundMe set up to help funeral and memorial costs.

He leaves behind his wife and two children.

Our prayers are with his family.

Get more on the incident, and Jason, from Denver 7 HERE.

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