It's back! No matter how unfortunate the style, it seems we will always return to it.

Bell bottoms? Yep, we went back there.

80's accessories like ankle boots and tights? They've been back for a while.

Now, the mullet may come back. The reason we know this is because Rihanna was photographed recently wearing a real, honest-to-I-can't-believe-A.C. Slater's-hairstyle-may-be-coming-back mullet!

Rihanna can pull off almost any style she wants, but her latest hairstyle is making us question whether even she, RiRi herself, can pull off one particular coif: the mullet.

Yes. She went there. And she went to Fashion Week when she went there.

The 'Phresh Off the Runway' singer has been a New York Fashion Week staple since she first hit the scene, gracing the front rows of all the top shows with her fierceness. She sported a look that she described as "ghetto goth" to the NYFW festivities, and she looked beautiful, but ... well, she has a mullet.

The Bajan beauty didn't just pose for pro pics, but also took a ton of her signature selfies, too, including one with Nicki Minaj, who embraced a classical beauty look for the biggest style event of the year.

Perhaps, though, Rihanna and a mullet are made for one another. The hard-partying starlet is also one of the hardest working women in the game, so business in the front and party in the back may represent her perfectly ... if not beautifully.

Vivien Killilea, Getty Images
Noam Galai, Getty Images
Vivien Killilea, Getty Images
Vivien Killilea, Getty Images