We asked RETRO 102.5 listener how THEY pronounce the name of the Centennial State. The choices were 'Colo-RAW-do' or 'Colo-RAD-o.'  I was surprised by the results.

Sure, we could have just done a poll: Chose one: 'Colo-RAW-do' or 'Colo-RAD-o.' But, having really asked the question on Facebook, we were able to get more specific answers as to maybe why it's one over the other.

Myself, I choose. 'Colo-RAW-do.' It's just the way I've said since I was a kid growing up in Loveland. Near-native. Moved to Longmont when I was 12 months old.

I bring up 'Native' because a lot of folks who chose 'Colo-RAD-o' stated that THEY are natives, too.

In the end, 'Colo-RAD-o' appears to be the 'agreed' way of saying, Colorado. Raw deal for RAW, I say, but I had my vote, so... That's just how it is.

What do you think?

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