I asked our listeners via Facebook, 'If you had to choose, would you choose Spring or Summer?' One of them did win out.

It's been an interesting spring so far. If lots of snow classifies as 'interesting.' However, we don't ALWAYS see the amount of snow that we've had. So, in general, how do RETRO 102.5 listener vote when it comes to Spring vs. Summer?

It was nearly right down the middle. The reasons for each were about the same, too: Spring can see snow, but summer can be too hot.'  I didn't see any mention of the severe weather that summer can bring, or how pretty the blooms can be in spring.

52% for Summer. 48% for Spring. Go, Summer!

Lisa Cook had one of the best comments, in her vote for Summer:

SUMMER! I’ll be doing whatever snowmen do in SUMMER! 😂 compliments from Frozen 😁


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