'The Continental Divide! It'll be perfect! Two separate hearts becoming one!' He brought her to Colorado to propose. Then, they started not feeling so well. 

Ah, romance. It's great...

A man from Texas wanted to propose to his girlfriend, romantically. He picked a peak in Colorado. They flew out. On September 29, 2018, they hiked an elevation of 3,000 feet to Jasper Peak at 13,000 feet along the Continental Divide. Secluded. Romantic.

She said yes! Then, the trouble began.

A lot of things went wrong in regards to them attempting to hike over 8 miles (16 roundtrip): They left the trailhead late, around noon. They didn't bring enough water. Or food. Nor did they bring warm clothes. Next thing you know, it's dark and they're lost. If only their love for one another was enough....

Luckily, a hiker found them and got them to the camp he had set up with friends at Diamond Lake, which wasn't far off. They were suffering from severe dehydration and altitude sickness. The campers got them food, water, and shelter, and decided that the couple needed medical attention. One of the campers hiked down to the 4th of July Trailhead, got in her car and drove into Nederland where there is cell service.

Rescue personnel got to the camp two hours after the call came in. A Nederland Fire Protection Paramedic determined that the couple needed to get down to a lower elevation immediately. The two were able to walk down to the trailhead with help from Rocky Mountain Rescue Group personnel.

At 6:30 a.m. on the day after they'd started the hike, Josh Mason (27) and Kate Davis (28) were at their rental car and OK'd to carry on their soon-to-be-married way.

Maybe they'll return for the nuptials?

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