According to one reporter, games played in Denver provide an unfair advantage to the home team due to the altitude. Spike Eskin, the sports director for WIP radio in Philadelphia says that playing in Denver gives the home team too much of an advantage.

A quote from a Denver Post article has Eskin saying:

“Remember when watching tonight’s game that the home court advantage in Denver is unfair and unreasonable considering the physical disadvantage that the visiting team has. Denver should not have any home games if we insist on giving them pro teams.”

He also went on to imply that Denver sports arenas are basically like pressurized capsules and it only effects the visiting team. Now, anyone who has lived here for a length of time can tell you that yes, you do get accustomed to the thinner air. But as the article states, the same can be said for the frigid cold in places like Green Bay and New England. Or the unbearable heat and humidity in the South.

It should also be noted that Eskin was probably just mad that Jokic and the Denver Nuggets had just mounted an amazing comeback and win against the 76'ers. Jealousy and anger don't look good on you, sir. I think the thin air is affecting your thinking.

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