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A Colorado man died after being bitten by a rattlesnake this past Saturday in Mount Galbraith Park.

Daniel Hohs, 31, came across the snake while in the park, located in Golden, and was struck while hiking. He did make it to the hospital, but died later. It is not known where on his body the snake bit him.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, there are two types of rattlesnakes found in Colorado: the midget-faced rattlesnake living in the western-central part of the state and the prairie rattlesnake found across the state and elevations below 9,600 feet.

If you are bitten by a rattlesnake, experts will tell you that the first step is to remain calm and call 911. Try to limit your movement to keep the venom from spreading. No first aid is better than bad first aid. Do not cut on or around the bite and do not compress the wound.

Approximately 8,000 venomous snake bites occur in the U.S. annually with about 5 of those bites leading to death.



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