Let's take a moment and dream of the perfect weather for a day at beach. Is it 75? No way. 95? Ugh, only if we like heat sickness. How about 85? Yes, perfect, let's stay all day.

The point I'm making here is 10 degrees can make a big difference in comfort. When it comes to the comfort inside your home, it works the same way. That is one of the reasons why so many people are opting for the QuietCool Whole House Fan installed by locally owned Lion Home Service. The whole house fan sucks air through your open windows, circulates it throughout your home and sends it out the attic vent, moving the stale air and replacing it with fresh, cool air.

Quiet Cool

Lots of sexy words are used when talking about QuietCool. Like green energy, ROI, 98% satisfaction, affordable. It makes sense to use those words because your're talking about a product that can eliminate hot air in your home, get rid of pet dander and help eliminate pollutants that build up in your home and pays for itself in two years.

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