The latest quarterly report is in from the Department of Revenue regarding how much pot costs per pound. For the fourth consecutive quarter, bud prices are up.

The Colorado Department of Revenue has released 2019 fourth-quarter retail rates for adult-use marijuana. Using a lot of mumbo-jumbo that you would not want to read while high, they say the price for bud has increased $150/pound from July of this year, to $999/pound.

This is the market price that is paid for unprocessed marijuana from cultivation facilities by manufacturers and retailers. Retailers, in turn, are bound to be charging you more at the counter.

According to the release, this is the fourth consecutive quarter that those prices have increased.

Sales of marijuana topped $1.5B for 2018; sales for the first half of this year (January to July) were at $984M. Looks like 2019 will be another stellar year for pot sales.

If you do, how much do you normally spend when you go to a retailer?

Get more on the revenue aspects of legalized marijuana from the Department of Reveue HERE.

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