It sure doesn't seem like Fort Collins would need yet another bank, especially when it would mean Inca Mexican Restaurant having to vacate the spot.

Did you know that there are four Inca restaurants? Three of them are in Washington, where the two Rodriguez brothers who started the chain of restaurants began their American journey.

For over two decades Inca, just north of Drake on College near the old Kmart, Inca has been a staple in the Mexican restaurant scene for The Choice City. The Coloradoan reports that the owner of the building has submitted ;plans to have the property become a Bank of America.

Inca's owners have begun the search for a new location, but it just seems a shame for them to have to move; for Bank of America. Would I feel better if it was going to be a Bank of Colorado or Wells Fargo, I don't know; Bank of America just seems so.. cooperate.

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I've dined at Inca a few times, I've always loved the authenticity; with the great murals as well as the great menu options. There are more than a dozen Mexican restaurants in Fort Collins, yet Inca's name gets mentioned a lot when it comes to the 'best' in town.

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Where would you like to see Inca move to, if they do have to move? What if they were to move to Loveland?

Get more on the 'bank trouble' for Inca from The Coloradoan HERE.

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