On Monday, May 18, an injured moose was put down by the Boulder Police. The day before, a moose was photographed relaxing in a Boulder cemetery.

The Boulder Daily Camera reported that Colorado Parks and Wildlife Spokesman Jason Clay said, “there’s a likelihood” that the injured moose and the one spotted in the cemetery are one and the same, based on “just the fact that moose don’t come down all that often into Boulder".

Laurie Ogden, a Boulder police spokesperson, said a report indicated the moose had been hit by a car, but no further information was provided about the circumstances to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Clay said that on Monday, his office received word of a moose in Boulder but that there was no need to intervene.

On Tuesday, Clay stated that a wildlife officer had a phone conversation with a Boulder police sergeant, who was reportedly at the scene of the injured moose on Monday night.

The wildlife officer never actually saw the moose in person, but advised the sergeant to euthanize the animal based on the sergeants comments, said Clary.

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