In the very early hours Friday morning, Colorado State Troopers saw an "older model" Mustang hauling booty down Interstate 70 near Glenwood Springs.

At the time, Troopers said the car was doing about 140 mph and approaching a part of the interstate where the speed limit drops to account for turns in the road as it follows along the Colorado River. The officers went lights an sirens and began their pursuit. It didn't last long.

Colorado State Patrol spokesman Trooper Gary Cooper told the Denver Post that the car then accelerated to 150 mph, making a dangerous situation even more so. Cooper also told the Post, "They tried to catch up. They weren't doing it. They couldn't get close enough." The troopers decided to call off the chase and not risk their lives or the life of the Mustang driver. Unfortunately, they didn't get close enough to the vehicle to get a tag number.

Cooper told the Post, "It's extremely reckless, especially with people who haven't been trained to drive at those speeds. I've seen a deer total a car before."

SOURCE: Denver Post

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