Just when you thought the 'craze' was over, here comes the story of a gathering of many Pokémon seekers, a Loveland wedding, and banged walls.

October 12, 2019, was Pokémon Go Community Day for October. No, I hadn't heard of it, either. Apparently, they are meet-ups where Pokémon trainers can find 'rare' Pokémon and stuff. Yay.

The meet-up was at the Benson Sculpture Garden.

According to The Greeley Tribune, that Saturday was also the date for a couple's wedding, which was also at the Benson Sculpture Garden.

Benson is a pretty large park, but parking is not great. According to the Trib, the City of Loveland stated that the amount of Pokémon players along with the wedding guests had parking ending up even worse than when they have a big sculpture weekend. That says A LOT.

So, you have the wedding party (the ones who reserved the park) trying to have a peacefully day, and all these Pokémon Go people are running around, too. It must have been super.

The article states that one of the gamers was seen banging into a bathroom wall because they were chasing a Pokémon and not looking where they were going.

The City of Loveland asked that people respect those who have reservations at their parks.

City officials did not come out and say it, so... I will.

What are you kids doing?

Get more on the story from The Greeley Tribune HERE.

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