There's nothing like a spring day in Loveland, especially when you get to 'happen upon' a bunch of deer lounging around south of Lake Loveland.

Stephanie Justice captured a photo on Wednesday, April 21, of six beautiful deer on a lawn in the middle of town (on 10th Street between Taft and Colorado). Stephanie told me that there were about ten of the animals in the whole group, but was only able to get these six in the shot.

Deer in Loveland
Courtesy: Stephanie Justice
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One person commented on the photo, 'I know them!' I wonder how often this troupe hits the streets of Loveland? I also wonder where it is that they live; how far is it from where they were photographed?

Just recently, Colorado Parks & Wildlife had to remind folks to leave young wildlife alone, which very much goes for wildlife of all ages, such as these deer. Take a photo, but keep your distance and let them be.

A published 2019 report shows that there were 450,000 mule deer in Colorado at that time, which was/is 25% below what the Colorado Parks & Wildlife's goal is. Human population growth ranks among the key reasons for the decline, as well as climate change, malnutrition and disease.

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