I speak from experience when I say first dates can be the absolute worst. Fortunately I'm married now and I intend to never, ever go on another first date again. The pressure of how you look, the pressure of what to say and how to act. But most of all, the pressure of simply figuring out where to go and what to do. That last bit is the biggest make or break part of the whole first date experience.

Fortunately for your sake, especially with the highly anticipated Hallmark holiday of Valentine's Day coming up, I stumbled across a Reddit thread started by u/jjordan80521 asking the very question: What are the best fun date night ideas in Fort Collins? For the sake of regional balance, we'll sprinkle in some others from around Northern Colorado in Greeley, Loveland and Windsor as well.

This list is meant to be an inspiration. You'll need to check with these places to make sure they're open - some are seasonal - and to see if reservations are needed. Good luck on your date!

Best First Date Spots and Activities in Northern Colorado

Before you ask someone out for the first time, it's a good idea to have a plan of what you want to do. Nobody wants to go on a date with someone indecisive! So here's a pretty solid list of first date ideas around NoCo to get your brand new relationship started on the right foot.

Colorado Date Night: Bring an Awful Date To An End Quickly With Any Of These Phrases

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