Peeps! Yum! Who doesn’t love Peeps this time of year? That delicious gooey marshmallow goodness that well…sticks to everything. Today you can get all sorts of colors, flavors, and designs from baby chicks to bunny rabbits.  You can even get Peeps at other holiday times throughout the year. Halloween is especially good for pumpkin Peeps and ghostly Peeps.

While Peeps are great to eat, people also like to decorate with their Peeps. Thus several areas including Denver and the District of Columbia hold annual Peep Diorama contests. Children and adults of all ages decorate their shoe boxes with Peeps depicting a popular moment in time. My last diorama was on the Great Salt Lake in Utah when I was in elementary school in the 70’s. (Getting older reference)

Interestingly enough the winners for both the Denver and D.C. contests both “Peeped” out their dioramas with scenes from last year’s rescue of the Chilean Miners. Some of my favorites were, “Justin Peeper” and Angry Peeps”.

You can see the Denver winners by clicking here and the D.C. winners by clicking here


Sit back, grab another handful of Peeps, and enjoy the show. Happy Easter!