Lovelanders will soon be able to feed their inner hippies when Peace, Love, and Little Donuts opens near Mountain View High School. Open! Open! Open!

When Peace, Love, and Little Donuts opened in Fort Collins, we were blown awayNow, Loveland will be blown away as their second Colorado location is set to open in April. It will be off of Eisenhower and Mountain Lion - by Inta Juice.

People go crazy for these donuts, no question. They're like VooDoo Donuts, only better. What I find is crazy, the owners of this franchise and the Fort Collins one, a married couple- their names are Robert and Lindsey Wagner. Like the TV stars from the 70s and 80s. Too cool. OK- The Bionic Woman was played by Lindsay Wagner - with an A. But still, wow.

Get more on the new location and the Wagners from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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