When was the last time you used a payphone? That was one of the fun things we did with our kids in New York. Weird, right? It's free to ride the Staten Island Ferry and St. George Terminal is one of the dwindling places in the United States, with updated and working payphones.

My husband grew up on Staten Island, so when we went to New York over the holidays we had to ride the ferry, plus it goes right by the Statue of Liberty, for free. We enjoyed the incredible views, mist in our face and a cold beer aboard. I had forgotten I read about the payphones. Sure enough, as we waited at the St. George terminal for our ferry back, one of my boys said "what are those?" I was so excited to explain to them they were looking at a payphone and that these payphones had several "free calls" you could make, including banks and a daily blessings.

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