These are some of my top viewed posts from 2014.

It's a good mix of local and national content. Across the year, we focus on Colorado first, and then branch out, depending on what is interesting and exciting for the day.

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    Fort Collins Man Makes Brilliant Sign of Love to Answer Sign of Hate

    Two of our top five have to do with people holding signs. 

    The most viewed of these was about a man who was being a bit sarcastic and a bit tongue in cheek, and people seemed to appreciate it.

    Photo by Justin Larson
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    Sign Dancer at Harmony and College

    One of my second most viewed posts had another mysterious sign holder.

    But Tim is better described as a sign dancer. The way he swings that thing is what got my attention. It got the attention of thousands of other people over the year, too!

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    Best Cocktail Hour Songs

    This has been a top post for me since I posted it years ago.

    My cocktail hour playlist is a big part of what brings me a lot of my wedding DJ business. You can't deny a great song, and great song after great song makes for a playlist that prepares people to have a great time. There is something special about the way these songs, all from different eras and seemingly unconnected, work together. I amend it here and there for most of my weddings, but the gist of it remains the same. It's truly a great list of songs.

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    Is California Fining Ice Bucket Challenge Participants?

    The ice bucket challenge was HUGE in 2014, so it's no surprise that this was a popular post. 

    During California's drought, it was rumored that the state was looking to fine people that wasted a bucket of water. That drew a lot of clicks, because many people were wondering, just like I was, if this was serious or not.


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    The Generation That Ends Smoking Commercial

    Two of the most important things we can avoid for our health are smoking and drinking. 

    Don't smoke at all, or smoke very, very little, and don't drink to excess. Smoking is going by the wayside. Drinking can be celebratory and a lot of fun. Smoking cigarettes is pointless. Totally pointless. The next generation seems to embrace this, as do institutions that are spending big money to make sure the message spreads.

    I saw this on the Video Music Awards on MTV, and was moved by the fact that it was included in the programming, and by the idea that the message would work.