It's like music from Paul McCartney. I've liked him for so long, that I can't even tell if it's great anymore. It's Paul McCartney, so I'll listen and like it.

Jerry Seinfeld enjoys a similar status. Since the 90's I've spent more time watching his show than I have with my family, so pretty much anything he does is ok with me.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee puts Jerry Seinfeld and three other things we like on the screen...comedians, cars and coffee.

It's unscripted. In the episode with Sarah Silverman, they are driving along and she is pushing the buttons of the 1960's era Jaguar when this exchange goes down.

Sarah "I have to push all buttons...Does your son like windshield wipers?"

Jerry "No."

Sarah "Is he gay?"

...and Jerry cracks up.

Another exchange goes like this.

Sarah "I went through a terrible depression, and I remember my stepfather saying, 'what does it feel like'..."

Jerry, to the waitress, "Excuse me, can get some half and half?"

Sarah, hands up in the air "Of all the stories!" Jerry winces. "I went through a terrible depression as a kid, 'Excuse me, can I get some half and half?' Was is that much of an emergency?"

...and Jerry cracks up.

I don't think it's just me. I think it is actually a great show.

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