They say, "the only thing constant, is change," and it couldn't hold truer when it comes to enjoying Panera in Colorado.

First, they had to alert us to the high amounts of caffeine in their specialty fountain drinks; then they changed up how you even get a cup for drinks.

Now, they're making some menu changes that some will like, and others will rebuff.

Panera in Fort Collins
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There's just something about Panera; whether it's the bread, the coffee, the mac & cheese, it does feel relaxing there. These new changes that they've announced may be bringing more customers in; but they may be pushing some out, as well.

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As a frequenter of Panera (I hit up the one in Loveland every workday,) I take note and pay attention to what's going on with them. It was in early 2024, that I alerted you that they were confused about Colorado's bag fees, now I have more news.

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2024 is shaping up to be a year of "getting things done" for Panera. It was in February, that they instituted a change in getting your drink or coffee cup, as they put them behind the counter. This spring, comes another couple of changes.

What is Changing at Panera in Colorado?

Nine new items coming to the Panera menu:

  • Toasted Italiano
  • Chicken Bacon Rancher
  • Ciabatta Cheesesteak
  • Tomato Basil BLT
  • Mediterranean Chicken Greens with Grains
  • Southwest Chicken Ranch salad
  • Balsamic Chicken Greens with Grains
  • Ranch Cobb Salad
  • Bacon Mac & Cheese

Plus, some of those items (they're not saying which, yet) will be under $10. High prices have always been a complaint about Panera; so that's going to be nice.

What are They Taking Away?

They'll be eliminating their flatbreads, and you'll find that there won't be any other "Dinner" offerings. I never really thought of them as a dinner place, anyway.

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