This past weekend, I escaped my little apartment in Fort Collins to try a new landscape on for size-- the peach trees and grapevines of Palisade, Colorado.

Palisade isn't necessarily known as a huge vacation spot in Colorado.  If anything, it's known for its peaches, those which grow in the summertime and then get shipped all across Colorado this time of year.  I'd always heard the name or read it scrawled messily across fruit stand signs-- Palisade Peaches. But what else does this town have to offer?

When I was looking for a getaway, the idea of going to a wine-centric town interested me, especially because I had never been wine tasting before.  Palisade is home to several wineries and even a wine-themed hotel specifically designed to help you consume as much delicious vino as humanly possible. (Thanks, Wine Country Inn!)


Palisade had a ton of fantastic activities related to wine, such as introductory tasting classes and a winery tour via horse-drawn carriage.  My mom and I decided to rent bikes and jet around town ourselves-- see my exhausted photo (left).

We probably hit 5 wineries before we took our bikes back, and our favorite had to have been Grande River Vineyards-- we took home over 10 bottles from this place (lavender wine?? Sign me up!!!).

We returned to our hotel-- the Wine Country Inn, which had amazing food, a friendly staff, and a clean, refreshing pool.  The hotel sits around acres of grapes growing right before your eyes, and you can wander through the rows of vines to see how it all begins.

Madi Scruggs, TSM
Madi Scruggs, TSM

Finally, before you leave-- and this one's pretty obvious-- you have to stop by a fruit market and grab yourself some peaches for the ride home.  I think Herman Produce is the most fun-- it's quirky and bright pink and I think it also may be the most Instagrammable place in Palidsade (proof)-- and they've got delicious treats for your journey back.  Along with peaches, I also picked up some local honey, since the price was unbeatable!

Overall, go to Palisade and have the time of your life-- and if you're coming for wine, leave the kids at home.  I had such an amazing, relaxing trip, and it'll be no time at all before I'm back tasting those peaches once more.


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