Tired of getting destroyed when you have a snowball fight? Well, consider this the beginning of a never-ending winning streak.

YouTuber Mark Rober has created a homemade snowball machine gun that can fire off 13 snowballs in half a second. In the time it took to read that last sentence, there probably would've been three dozen snowballs hurled in your direction.

We'd say your opponent wouldn't know what him, but, considering all the white powder that will be caked onto his coat, he'll know darn well what hit him.

Rober has helped us before, with his insight into defogging car windows, so he knows a thing or two.

And while a homemade snowball machine gun sounds great, someone needs to get this to market ASAP because you know people would pay top dollar for something like this to make your backyard a true battle zone come the next blizzard.

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