Wake up. Sound the alarms. Father’s Day is on Sunday. It seems like we talk about Mother’s Day for a month before it actually happens, but Father’s Day just sneaks up on us every year. If this has happened to you and you aren’t prepared with a gift, it’s not too late.

It may be quicker to go get something at the store, or just do something yourself, like mow the lawn for him, but if you want to save yourself the trouble of driving all over town to find the right gift and having to do yard work, finding a gift online is the way to go. Of course, the internet is a big place, so to get this done in a hurry, you need to narrow down your search.

It’s called Gifts.com, so it has to be full of great gift ideas for dad, right? There are a variety of beer gift baskets, skins for his iPhone, a few meaningful art prints, rustic metal signs perfect for any man cave, a Bear Grylls survival kit, a portable hammock, and a Microbrew of the Month Club. How can you not get dad the gift of one year of beer? If your dad isn’t a beer drinker, maybe you should purchase a chance to drive a stock car for him. If that’s not enough of an adrenaline rush, you can get him flying lessons.

If you’re shopping for dad on a budget and you’ve stumbled onto Overstock.com, you’ve done well. It’s got gifts divided into categories of area of interest and price, so you can shop either way. It’s great for browsing if you really don’t know what to get him. Imagine how many brick and mortar stores you’d have to drive around to in order to see the variety of gifts they have on this site. They’ll do expedited shipping at no extra cost, but order quickly so it will arrive in time.

To start off with, Personalization Mall has you in mind. They are offering guaranteed Father’s Day delivery with no rush charges. Do they know last minute, or what? They also know that your dad likes gifts that include you. This is where you need to go to have gifts made with pictures of you and your dad. Get a deck of cards with all the kids on it. Buy a frame to hold your favorite photo of the two of you. You can get him a coffee mug, grilling accessories, a beer stein, a director’s chair and golf accessories, all personalized especially for him. This is your chance to brag to the world about what a great father he is.

For the dapper dad, you want to look no further than JoS. A. Bank apparel. If your dad has to dress up or dress down, spend some time looking around this site. From suits and ties to fancy golf wear, this is where you go to make sure dad doesn’t look like he dressed himself in the dark. Sometimes, dads aren’t good at picking out clothes. Nobody takes them shopping when they’re growing up. Take the stressing out of dressing by hooking your father up with some sweet threads. And, if you get on it quick, they’re taking half off of everything online right now.

Was it hard for dad to raise you? Were you a troublemaker? Did you drive your father to drink? It’s possible you did and now the only thing you can do to make up for it is get him some good stuff. If you’re old enough to do so, you can peruse the Johnnie Walker site, while trying not to think about having a smooth whiskey yourself, and see their distinctive collection of whiskey. It really is, as they say, “The scotch you give the guy who taught you about scotch.” If you don’t mind waiting until after Father’s Day (final orders for these were June 4), you can even get him an engraved bottle with your personal message. If nothing else, the site contains drink recipes, so if you end up with nothing to give him, you can at least make your dad a much deserved drink.

If your dad is the household handyman, likes to spend all his time tinkering around in the garage or just thinks he’s good with tools (yes, dad, we know you just like wearing the tool belt but don’t actually know what a set of vice grips is), you need to click on over to Harbor Freight right now. Guys wait for the Harbor Freight catalog to arrive like kids wait for the Christmas toy catalog to arrive. They have a drool-worthy selection of tools and are always having some kind of huge sale. Right now they’ve got a big one going for Father’s Day. And, if you don’t know your socket wrench from your needle nose pliers, you can always get dad a gift card toward his own shopping spree.

The Sharper Image is the store for the gadget guy. Well, for the seemingly useless, yet infinitely useful gadget guy. It’s always more fun to actually go to the Sharper Image store and play with all the stuff yourself, but that’s going to waste precious time, so you better just hit the triple dubs. There are any number of father-focused gifts to choose from on the store’s website. Mobile accessories, clothing accessories, yard and garden accessories and just about anything else you can think of. And, you should start shopping now because they’ve got two-day, guaranteed Father’s Day delivery shipping for under $10. Get him the wireless speakers for the patio. He’ll love them.

If you are just at a complete loss as to what to get your father for Father’s Day, get yourself over to Think Geek. There are gifts on this site he’ll never knew he needed. How about a ‘Darth Vader and Son’ book, Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee, a joystick for is iPad, superhero socks with capes on them, a Blade Runner LED umbrella, a Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter, or a grilling multi-tool? That’s how random the sampling of gifts is. There has to be something in there your dad could use. You can search by price range or interest area, or just pick up a gift card and let dad have the fun of picking out his present. If you think he’d be interested in something called an ‘Annoy-a-tron’ they’re buy one, get one right now. Just make sure your mom doesn’t find out you’re the one who gave it to him.

Uncommon Goods is helping you out this year with their own list of the 25 top gifts for dad. There are quite a few gifts in a fairly broad price spectrum. You’ll find baseball bat bottle openers, whiskey stones for a drink that’s neat and on ice. The “nailed it” desk organizer is cool, but not for the accident prone. There’s a rather geeky wristwatch that really is for the mathematically minded dad. Or, get him a pen made from the seat of an old ballpark. If nothing else, you’ll give your father something that will help him start conversations for the next year, and conversation is a pretty good gift.

Urban Outfitters is the site for the dad with a sense of humor and eclectic tastes. Does your dad need a guitar pick punch to make guitar picks out of old gift cards? What about an 80s cell phone holder for his iPhone? How about a pocket knife and multi-tool the size of a credit card? Does he need a beer shaped inflatable beer bucket? Could he possibly need a book called ‘Dads Are the Original Hipsters’ by Brad Getty? The answer to all these questions is “yes.” Your dad needs all those things because they are ridiculously fun. Think of all the fun you’ve had with your dad over the years. Think of how mom had to be the strict one and dad was the fun one. He wants a tabletop grand piano, because it would be fun. And, to top it all off, standard shipping is free on all orders.