Welcome to the Online Border War brought to you by Serious Texas BBQ in Fort Collins! The CSU Rams take on the Wyoming Cowboys November 3rd at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie, WY as the two rivals battle it out for the bronze boot. Historically on the field, Wyoming has won the rivalry 23 out of the 44 years that the teams have battled for the boot. Everyone knows it's a fierce rivalry not only between the teams themselves but also the fans on either side. That being said we thought we'd see who has the most devoted fans with an online battle before the big game gets going. By the way don't forget to buy your tickets for the actual game!

Introducing the first ever "Online Border War!" In the three weeks leading up to the game we'll let you, the fans, battle it out to score points for your team. Along the way we'll dish out weekly prizes and award one luck fan a 50' LCD TV with Apple TV as our grand prize winner; more details below. Note that since we are picking prize winners, we do need you to give us a bit of information before voting so that we can contact you if you win. Between now and November 2nd you can help CSU or Wyoming to score up to five touchdowns. Here's how you can root on your team and lead them to victory by helping them to score touchdowns online:

How To Score Touchdowns

Touchdown #1 Touchdown awarded to the team that gets the most fan votes in our poll running October 15th - 21st   *Won by Wyoming Fans*

Touchdown #2 Touchdown awarded to the team that gets the most fan votes in our poll running October 22nd - 28th     *Won by CSU RAM Fans*

Touchdown #3

Touchdown awarded to the team that gets the most fan votes in our poll running October 29th - November 2nd     *Won by Wyoming Fans*

Touchdown #4

Touchdown awarded to the fans that know the most about their team as determined by our quiz. The side that has the highest cumulative average of questions answered correctly in the quiz gets the touchdown.     *Won by Wyoming Fans*

Touchdown #5

In the event of a tie, the final touchdown will be awarded to the team that wins the actual football game in Laramie on November 3rd     *Won by Wyoming Cowboys*

The 2012 Online Border War Was Officially Won by Wyoming!

It's EASY! Just come back and consistently vote for your favorite football team and make sure to try your hand at the CSU Fan Quiz to help your team win. Our polls will let you cast another vote every 12 hours!

Best of all win awesome prizes along the way simply by voting!

Border War Fan Prizes

Grand Prize - 50" HDTV With Apple TV

At the conclusion of the Online Border War we will award one grand prize winner a 50" Panasonic Plasma HDTV with Apple TV. Apple TV delivers online content including TV Shows, Movies, Music and more. The grand prize winner will be randomly chosen from every fan that has participated in the Online Border War on the winning side at the end of the contest; just one more reason to cheer on your team by voting often.

Weekly $100 Winners

During each of the three weeks of voting from October 15th through November 2nd we will award lucky CSU & Wyoming fans $100; one weekly winner comes from each team. All you need to do is vote for your favorite team and you'll be automatically entered to win the weekly cash prize, so come back and vote as often as possible. Each vote gets you another entry to win; Good Luck!