It's one of those 'What if I'd not made that decision?' stories. Kerry normally walks to work, but something inside said, 'No, take the car.' Lucky for her.

Wow. One of those stories you hear about and wonder. Kerry Leary is a producer of NEXT with Kyle Clark on 9News Today, she'll tell you she's glad she listened to the little voice in her head.

Kerry lives close enough to work that she usually walks there from her condo. On Tuesday (July 17, 2018) she decided to take her car instead. Was it because she was wearing high wedges on? Or just a 'feeling?' It doesn't matter. She drove.

When she returned home, she found that a big tree had fallen across here assigned space in the condo's lot. Her car would have gotten SMASHED GOOD if she'd walked to 9News!

— Kerry Leary (@KerryLeary) July 18, 2018

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