It's hard to say how this one's going to go down. A bunch of folks bringing their dogs into a movie theater. But, it IS a movie ABOUT dogs, so... Why not?

If you go, make sure your dog brings their wallet- it'll cost them $5.

dog at the movies

Wes Anderson's latest move is about dogs- 'Isle of Dogs'; it looks great. It makes a lot of sense that a movie theater would get into the whole dog theme by inviting dogs to see the film!

SIE Film Center is doing just that. On Monday Apil 16, 2018, they'll be doing a special screening of 'Isle of Dogs' and will be letting dogs attend! To bring your dog, it will cost an extra $5 on top of the regular ticket price, but how much fun will this be?

They're going to dim the lights, but it won't be as dark a usual screening, to make it more comfortable for the doggies. SIE will be donating a portion of the ticket cost to MaxFund - a no-kill animal shelter in Denver, so that's another win!

Find out more about this 'Theater of Dogs' night from the SIE Film Center - HERE!

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