Friday, May 10, 2019, will be the annual 'Drink One for Dane' fundraiser at Dutch Bros. to battle ALS. Do you know who Dane is?

A co-worker recently got me a drink from the Dutch Bros. near the radio station. I noticed the cup was funkadelic. Turns out, it's to promote their upcoming fundraiser that I knew nothing about: Drink One for Dane.

This will be the 13th annual event in honor of one of the founders of Dutch Bros, Dane Boersma, who died of ALS in 2009.

Dutch Bros and the Boersma family started Drink One for Dane as a way to bring awareness to, and support research to find treatments and cures for, the disease.

Over the years they've raised $4.8M in the fight against ALS. They hope to raise $1,500,000 on May 10.

Drink One for Dane
Dave Jensen, TSM

You can find out more about the event from Dutch Bros. HERE.

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