Folks looking for frozen foods in Loveland at the Downtown Safeway are finding a whole lot of empty shelves, for weeks now. Here's what's happening.

At first, I thought it was a 'run:' people stocking up again for the latest 'apocalypse,' but then the emptiness continued, and continues.

Where are my TV dinners?

Empty Shelves at Safeway
TSM/Dave Jensen

I live in Downtown Loveland and am a frequent shopper at the Safeway in Downtown; it's been there for decades. I have a fiend who likes to drive clear across town to shop at this Safeway because of the produce section, and because it's not as busy as the other stores in town.

True; for the most part, this Safeway is pretty slow, customer-wise, but I've seen it get packed. What's not packed, as of late, is the frozen food section there.

For the record, I don't eat a lot of 'frozen entrees' (TV dinners,) but they are a part of my shopping list. Low sodium ones; Lean Cuisine really does have a couple of good ones.

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They haven't put up any signage about the empty shelves, and the price tags are still hanging on the shelves. I began thinking it was a supply-chain issue, but after a couple of weeks, it just didn't seem like that.

I finally gave them a call, and was connected to someone who knew what was going on and seemed very exacerbated about it, all.

Yeah, we're waiting on that part for the compressor!

Like we'd spoken before.

I guessed that he's had to speak to a lot of people. It turns out, one of the freezer compressors is broken, needing a part. That's why the other bank of frozen foods, like burritos and ice cream is OK, that compressor is working fine.

Full Shelves at Safeway
TSM/Dave Jensen

I asked if there was any 'ETA' on that part.

I have no idea.


Now, this part could indeed be a part of the current supply-chain issues the nation is seeing. I just hope that that part comes in soon, if not for me, for the person who's been getting all the phone calls.


As of Wednesday, October 27, 2021, the broken compressor was still not repaired.

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