With all the crime in the news these days, it's nice to run across one that, though it IS a crime, doesn't really involve the police.

I don't think Fort Collins Police Services will be conducting a manhunt on this one, but there has been a theft in Downtown Fort Collins.

Nick's Italian posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2019, that someone has taken their 'Best Burger in Town' trophy.

The first thing about this crime to me, was 'Burger'? You don't see many Italian restaurants getting kudos about their burgers. But they won it from the Coloradoan's March Madness competition, fair and square.

For the safe return of their burger trophy, they are offering a 'Burger Party': Five burgers.

What madperson would even conceive such a crime? Maybe it was somebody who was ALSO in the March Madness competition who had a 'beef' with who won.

Be on the lookout for their trophy...

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