Did you catch him on the show when it ran? Imagine yourself out in the jungle with hardly anything- including your clothes! What a story to have coming back to work!

The episode that Greeley's Justin Tuell was on ran on June 24, 2018. The show was 'Naked and Afraid.' the Discovery TV reality show where two strangers are matched up (one man, one woman) and they have to survive for two weeks in the wild with not much- definitely not any clothes. Because, what would be the fun in letting them wear clothes, right?

The Greeley Tribune has the story on how Justin has the adventurer's experience and deals in life-and-death decisions with work, so they approved his application. They shot his adventure in February of this year.

Sure, it's weird being naked with a stranger in the middle of nowhere, but he did fine. Right up to the point where a machete went into his foot. The medics said there was the risk of infection, so he couldn't complete the adventure. Bummer.

Get more on Justin - and who he was teamed up with - at the Greeley Tribune!

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