I stop in at Loveland's Panera Bread a couple of times a week for a coffee. I like how I can use the quick kiosk thing and be on my way. But, can we talk about that slicer?

Dearest Panera,

When I think of Panera, I think of quiet.  Folks talking softly while enjoying their drinks and/or meals, the fireplace going, the smell of java. Quiet.

But when I'm in the Loveland Panera- that quiet gets shut down by the bagel slicer.

It sounds like evil. ZZZZZZZZInk! ZZZZZZZZink!  I'm sure that's not how you spell the sound the machine makes, but you get the drift.

It makes me feel, irrationally, that the poor bagels are being murdered. Not sliced, murdered.

ZZZZZZZZZink! ZZZZZZZZZZZink! Another bagel life gets taken to satisfy our 'snacky' appetites. The shame.

I also stop in to the Einstein's in Loveland. They have a slicer. It sounds nothing like yours.

Not to get all 'Seinfeld,' but what is the deal with that slicer, gang? Can you just get a new, 'quieter' one?

Thankful for the coffee,



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