A Colorado treasure. Coors Brewing. Born in Colorado and brewed only in Golden. That says a lot. That's why it pains me to craft this letter.

I am a fan of Coors Banquet more that I am of Coors Light. But that doesn't have to do with my letter.

Dear Coors Light -

What is with that commercial about being 'The Official beer of drinking in the shower?'  I saw it recently and was just so put off. Who's drinking in the shower? To me, that sounds like a person with a problem.

I brought it up to a friend, and he said they used to do that at night in college when getting ready to go out and meet girls. The man in this spot is not that guy.

There is also the women's version - 'The official beer of being done wearing a bra,' which I can completely understand. She's home, the bra comes off, she grabs a beer. I'm sure that's done by a lot of women, every day.

This guy in the shower? - Nope. There's no good reason to drink in the shower, unlesss you're drinking is gettng the better of you; which I'm sure is not the message you want to send.

Help me understand, Coors Light, or just pull the ad.

With much appreciation,

Dave Jensen


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