America’s love and fascination of the Ford Mustang, goes back to when the first one rolled off the assembly line in 1964.  They were cool. Like Steve McQueen. Like The Beatles. The Mustang’s birthday, in fact, kind of dates back to The Beatles’ first fateful appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in ’64.  When you get a bunch of Mustangs in one place, people will swarm- just like they did for The Beatles.

Get ready, here they come….. Mustangs!

Michael Buckner, Getty Images

They just have that ‘I gotta have one!’ allure about them. Mustangs.  Old classics, the newer ones. Even the Mustang II has its own appeal!  Coming July 17-19 at The Ranch, The Mustang Club of America is bringing its national show to Loveland!

The ‘Mustangs with Altitude’ show will have a huge selection of Mustangs, Shelbys and Cougars over that weekend.  The MCA is committed to ‘preservation, care, history and enjoyment’ of Mustangs. I like the sound of that last part – ‘enjoyment’. To me, that sounds so true- you should ENJOY a Mustang.

Every time I see a Mustang, I say to myself, ‘Man, they did the right thing. Got themselves a Mustang.’ Talk about a trophy, right? Maybe, you’ll see a Cobra out on the road sometimes. I see one and say, “Oh, that’s  B.A.!’  Imagine, having the $1.3M 1967 Shelby GT Super Snake. Good night! Totally worth it, though!

Complex put together a list of The 25 Best Movie Mustangs. It’s a compeling list, but not suprising, is that the 1968 GT390 Fastback that Steve McQueen drove in ‘Bullitt’ took the top spot-

Get out to The Ranch, and take a look at all these great cars; and get to know their owners- because these are the people that are living the dream!