What: Mud Brigade 5k Adventure/Mud Run

Where: Ranch at Larimer County Fairgrounds, outside Budweiser Events Center, Loveland, CO

When: Saturday Sept. 10, 2011. Registration opens at 7am, races begin at 9am. Awards around 2pm

What else: Entertainment, food, drinks, Kids 1 mile Run, spectating, all around good time, free parking

When I first heard about the new trend of ‘Adventure/Mud’ races, my first


thought was, “AWESOME!!”. I think the Warrior Dash was the first one that came into my radar screen. It’s like getting a chance to do a military obstacle course without having to go through boot camp. There is something that feels amazing about playing in the mud, but even as an adult that won’t fully grow up, it is still rare that I find a valid reason to cover myself from head to toe with mud. The Mud Brigade 5k Adventure/Mud Race is on Saturday, Sept. 10 2011 at the Ranch at Larimer County Fairgrounds, and it is as good a reason as any to get nice and dirty.

This event really is about one thing—recapturing youth. Kids run around in the mud for fun. Adults run 5k courses on pavement for fitness and charity. Kids’ imaginations take a pile of logs in the woods and turn them into cover as their minds transport them back in time to places like Iwo Jima, San Juan Hill and the Alamo. Adults’ minds dwell on heart rate, cholesterol levels and fat percentage. Why run an obstacle course littered with mud, muck and trying challenges? FOR FUN!! That’s why! Grow down, people!!

These races are popular all over the country and now Northern Colorado has its own.

Ryan Young, Marketing Director for the Budweiser Events Center took some time with me and explained how…

We’ve had a lot of fun naming the obstacles…My favorite one is the Gallegos Port a Potty one...You can pick door one, door two…It looks a little dirty, but I’m sure people with make it through it fine.

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