Mike Nelson and his wife just got a new pug puppy about eight weeks ago. We all know how puppies can be cute, but have you seen a pug puppy 'freak out' about dandelions?

Mike Nelson has been a TV news meteorologist in Denver for over 25 years; he's done his famous  'tornado dance' at many elementary schools in the Fort Collins area over the years, to great delight.

Mike and his team have provided weather updates for our radio stations for many, many years. He and his wife Cindy are great people and a lot of fun. I've had the opportunity to sit at their table with them at a couple of charity events, always great.

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Our mom had a pug dog, 'Sookie,' and she was great. Those curly tails and the funny noises they make, make the pug a very entertaining dog. My brother had a pug, too, we called him 'Crackhead.' because he was so crazy. His real name was 'Jersey.'

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Any breed of puppy can bring a smile to your face, but the Nelson's have been very excited about their puppy, Tahlula.

Tahlula has been getting a lot of attention from her humans, while they keep everyone up to date on her progression. With spring in bloom, here came another update: As Tahlula came across dandelions for the first time.

This is 22 seconds of good stuff:

Keep up the good work, Tahlula.

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