I've been writing music ever since I can remember. Back in 2007 or 2008, the dates blur for me anymore, I released my first CD of original music.

It didn't exactly burn up the Billboard charts, but it was an accomplishment, I'd been hoping for throughout the years.

It's amazing the amount of work that can go into producing up one's original music. It's time consuming and being a perfectionist can tax one's patience.

I've not been performing much out live lately, instead spending my time in my home studio, recording and re-recording and then recording again, (told ya perfectionist) material for a second and possibly third CD.

All that being said I have a full 35 new songs I'm recording right now. I'm hoping to release my newest recordings in 2012. At least that's my New Years resolution. It only took me 52 years to release my first CD. :)

We'll see how it goes.

All this working on my music took me back to a few years ago when we recorded a music video for my song "You".

Jack Gastlebando (Director) and Todd Geer (Asst. Director) along with their crew offered to produce up a music video for me. This was no schlock effort, these folks came with all the right equipment and ideas to produce up this video in a very professional manner.

I couldn't have been more fortunate.

What follows on this page is the results of their work, some of which I didn't even know existed. Four videos total.

  • Behind the scenes 1 - A look at their preparations. My favorite line from Jack "I feel like Spielberg without the money"
  • Behind the scenes 2 - Working with the actors
  • "You" with actors
  • "You" with just me.

If you have the patience to make it through these creations, I'd live to hear your feedback. I hope you enjoy "You" and the creative process displayed on this page.



"YOU" with actors

"YOU" no actors (just me)