The sky must be falling. Pot will now be legal in Washington D.C. starting at midnight this evening. Well, maybe that's what the politicians need to start thinking clearly?

Washington D.C. will officially go up in smoke tonight after midnight unless lawmakers there find a way to loophole it. The citizens within the District of Columbia passed Initiative 71 back in November making marijuana legal. However, sales are not legal and there was no funding for the measure so "pot shops" will not be opening up.

Here is what will be legal in Washington D.C.

  • People can posses up to 2 ounces of marijuana and may have that on their person
  • People can NOT sell it in any way, shape or form
  • People CAN give up to an ounce to someone as a "gift"
  • People can grow up to 6 marijuana plants but only three of them can be in the "flowering" stage
  • People can NOT smoke it in public
  • People can NOT have it on Federal properties like the National Mall or Capitol grounds since those areas are ruled by the Federal government. Capitol police are eager to remind visitors that the Capitol ground they patrol include about a 47-block radius around the Capitol

Congress attempted to block the law (not sure why they didn't do the same for Washington, Colorado and Alaska) but it seems as though those attempts have failed in a "joint (no pun intended) resolution of disapproval" measure.

Moral of this story? If you're going to visit the Monuments, Memorials, Smithsonian and all the sights Washington D.C. has to offer, you might want to leave your pot at home.

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