While checking out recent inspection ratings from the Weld County Health Department I came across a couple of business that need much improvement.

You never like seeing a place you like to frequent end up on the wrong side of the health inspector's list. I was doing a search of inspections for Weld County for the last two weeks (March 15 - March 29, 2019) and found two places that rated below 'Fair' - and that, as they say, ain't good.

Maya Grill and Cantina in Firestone was rated 'Marginal.'  They are a new restaurant, so they may still be trying to get things figured out.

Also in Firestone, 3 Margaritas on Colorado Boulevard was rated 'Unacceptable.'  Looking at their ratings dating back to the summer of 2016, they've been inspected six times - only once did they get a 'Good,' otherwise the other inspections were all below that.

Get caught up on who's doing good and bad, inspection-wise via Weld County HERE.

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