This holiday season, you'll probably be giving a geek you love a copy of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' which hits shelves on December 4. So, if you're going to be purchasing a copy anyway, you might as well get an "exclusive reward" out of it, right? Like a brand new look at 'Man of Steel,' Zack Snyder's Superman reboot?

Find out how you can help unleash Supes on the world early after the break.

Remember how Marvel had us all "liking" their 'Iron Man' Facebook page in order to unlock a trailer teaser for 'Iron Man 3'? Well, now it looks like Warner Bros. is doing the same thing with 'Man of Steel.'

Best Buy is currently offering fans a chance to unlock this mysterious reward with every pre-order of 'The Dark Knight Rises.' As you'll see in the embed below, each pre-order through the Best Buy site brings us one step closer to seeing a new element of 'Man of Steel.' We're not sure yet what exactly it will be (perhaps it's a teaser in the vein of the one shown for 'Iron Man 3'), but it should be juicy.

Naturally, whatever it ends up being, we'll catch it and make sure you're the first to know. We have a pretty good feeling this 'Man of Steel' footage will be revealed before the official trailer, attached to the 'Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' screenings, so be sure to check back here soon.

'Man of Steel' opens in 3D, 3D IMAX and 2D on June 14, 2013.