'Tis the season for the holidays to be approaching, and sadly, that usually means major companies seem to start going through their usual reductions in workforce. Statistically speaking, indeed, there are more layoffs around the holidays than the rest of the year.

If you've ever wondered why so many huge companies always seem to go through significant rounds of layoffs during November and December, more often than not, it's because they're trying to dump the expense of severance packages into the current calendar year and start the new year off with lower overhead.

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Be that as it may, it always stinks when you or someone you love loses a job right around Christmas.

Dish Network Reportedly Eyeing Purchase Of T-Mobile
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And that fear is about to become a reality for several hundred employees of Colorado-based Dish Network, as they announced this week that they will be laying off more than 500 Coloradans by the end of the week.

Dish reported their Q3 financial results this week, and they were significantly down from a year ago, reporting a loss during the quarter of nearly $140 million. As a result, they released a statement indicating they were going to lay off a portion of their workforce, and while some reports have said that number could be as high as 20%, they said it was far less than that.

Many of the affected employees have already been notified, but other reports say some will still be notified by the end of this week.

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