For 34 years it was Orchards Athletic Club. Six years after closing its doors, the new look of a new club is beginning to take shape.

It's good to see things happening at the old Orchard's Athletic Club. It was the hippest gym around when it opened in the late 70's, and it was sad when it closed in 2012.

The club was purchased by The Fort Collins Club - who in turn, was bought by Genesis Health Systems. It makes me a little dizzy- like a good workout.

The new club- Club Loveland at Orchards has started refurbishing the building to become the NEW hippest 'gym' around this fall. I like how they've kept 'Orchards' in the name of the new facility.

Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

You can stop by the building and get signed up to become a charter member of the club, in a little trailer they have set up outside the building. They are running a pre-opening special which includes the waiving of the $50 startup fee (single.)

Will you be joining? Who will you be walking away from if you do?

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