We may soon know what sculpture will be put up on the northeast corner of the Interstate-25 and Highway 34 to welcome people to Loveland, Colorado.

The Visual Arts Commission was supposed to vote on September 12th, but voting was postponed because of the flooding. Now the decision will be made this Thursday (Nov. 21, 2013). According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, the committee has received over 300 comments from the public about what sculpture they should choose, and public comments may or may not be allowed when they vote on Thursday.

The five designs are showcased in the presentation above and include:

  • "Loveland Totem"
  • A giant, iconic red heart
  • "Equinox"
  • A pair of figures reaching out towards one-another in a heart shape
  • "The Rising Field"

Maybe we can get the kind of publicity that the blue horse gets out at DIA! Wait, that's probably a bad thing... :)

Which one would YOU most like to see on the I-25/HWY 34 overpass? Fire away in the comments below.

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