I saw a parent thank the Kings Soopers in west Loveland on Facebook for purchasing a special cart that helps their daughter come shopping with them, and thought, ‘that’s pretty awesome!’

Taking your kids grocery shopping is no easy task, especially if your child has special needs, such as having Cerebral Palsy.  Going to the store with Mom or Dad is part of growing up!  Maneuvering a wheelchair and a shopping cart through the grocery store makes that errand a very, very difficult adventure.

A woman whose child does have Cerebral Palsy created a shopping cart that deals with the situation. It’s called ‘Caroline’s Cart’.  It’s similar to a regular cart, but designed to accommodate her daughter and other special need kids-- and adults, too. It’s brilliant!

From the folks at Easter Seals:

Caroline’s Cart will be welcomed by thousands of families who have children with disabilities. This shopping cart will make it possible for kids with disabilities to be part of a family shopping outing. More than this, when families use Caroline’s Cart in neighborhood stores, it sends an important message to everyone who sees them that kids with disabilities are kids first and need to be included.

The cost for grocery stores to provide such carts is very pricey, considering the relatively low budget they have for carts in general. That’s why when I heard that the King Soopers in the Thompson Valley Towne Center in Loveland had purchased one for one of their customers and their daughter, I was really moved.



How cool of them to do that? Do you know of any other stores aournd Northern Colorado that have 'Caroline Carts?'