Five years after diving into the 'idea' of citywide broadband availability for Loveland, the city is now one step closer to providing a high-speed internet utility.

There was much excitement at the Cleveland Room of Desk Chair on Thursday, May 30, 2019, as the city unveiled the name of its upcoming citywide broadband service: PULSE.

City of Loveland

The name, PULSE, ties right into the city and the project. The heartbeat in Loveland's logo (a pulse), and the fiber-optic network that will be running beneath the city's streets, like arteries delivering blood.

When in operation, it will be just like the water and power utilities. Run by the city at an affordable price, customer service provided by the city, all for the city; without its citizens having to go to corporate internet providers that only look out for the profit margins.

It will help in many ways including with education in the city, helping students connect to the world; it will help with medical needs, helping people via the internet as opposed to having to travel into the doctor's office; and it will help in ways that the city does not even know yet. At the press conference, they equated it going from baking a potato in the oven to using a microwave: Game changing.

The project will take about four years to complete with things getting underway later in 2019. They'll have a big kickoff off for PULSE late in the summer of 2019.

Find out more about broadband from the City of Loveland HERE.

Find out more about PULSE from the city HERE.

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