It won't involve any animals at all. They even spell it differently, but then that's because it's about snow and ice removal - it's a ROADeo.

The Western Snow and Ice Conference September 25-27, 2019, at Embassy Suites in Loveland will be bringing representatives from across the U.S. to discuss the latest in snow and ice removal for their communities.

Sure, that doesn't sound like OOODLES of fun for us in the general public, but a part of the conference is the annual National Snow ROADEO.

At the Roadeo, many of the representatives compete in five events testing the skills and knowledge of equipment operators competing for 'Champion' belts, prizes and of course bragging rights to take back home to their community.

There will be timed events and obstacle courses where competitors will be driving all the motorized snow and ice removal trucks that we see on the streets and highways each winter.

The Roadoe starts at 9:15 a.m. that day; the weather should be great, and it sounds like a lot of fun, especially for kids.

Get more on the conference and the Snow Roadeo HERE.

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