After decades of being known as the "Indians," Loveland Middle School and Loveland High School will find new mascots.

The Thompson School District Board of Education will be seeking input from the community on what images to use for both institutions.

TSM File Photo
TSM File Photo

I graduated from Loveland High School in the mid-80s, and even then there was talk of how it was inappropriate to have the 'Indians' as our mascot.

According to the Reporter-Herald, the Thompson School District Board of Education met on Thursday night, August 20, 2020, where the topic of officially discontinuing the use of 'Indians' for Loveland High and the Native American-based 'Warriors' for Bill Reed Middle School was discussed.

Bill Reed's mascot was the 'Redskins' up until 1995. I went to Conrad Ball Junior High (I'm that old) where the mascot was, and still is, the 'Thunderbirds.'

The Reporter-Herald states that there have been a couple of recent petitions online regarding the name changes, with the petition in favor of the name change getting about 6,400 votes, while the one for keeping the names (for tradition and heritage's sake) had about 1,400.

One board member said that if they were naming a new school they would never use the 'Indians' as a mascot, so it seems like a simple decision. The cost of changing things, according to the Reporter-Herald and the board, could be as much as, if not more than, $100,000.

Whereas Thursday night's meeting was just a work meeting to discuss the name change, on September 2, 2020, the board will vote to end the use of 'Indians' and 'Warriors' as mascots.

I believe there's always the chance that Bill Reed could keep the 'Warriors' in name, but change the mascot/imagery.

Get more on the upcoming vote and changes from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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