Well, Aloha! Maybe this will be the business to really succeed at this location in east Loveland. It sounds great - and unique. Will you check it out?

Seems like just yesterday that this location was a Waffle House. Loveland had a Waffle House? Yes.  You may know this location as where Teriyaki Planet is. That would be to say, where Teriyaki Planet WAS.  They closed down a little while ago, though I don't know when.

Speaking of planets- this stand-alone location is in the same parking lot as Planet Fitness on East Eisenhower. It'll be Boba Cafe! It'll have smoothies, coffee, tea, Hawaiian BBQ - and judging by their name- Boba teas!

Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

I've never had a boba tea. They're also called 'Bubble' teas, and 'Pearl' teas. They have chewy tapioca balls that you suck up with an extra wide straw. I've learned something today!

It's hard to say when Boba Cafe might be opening, but they are working on right now, so it should be SOON!

Good Luck, Gang!

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