The Dairy Queen at Eisenhower and Lincoln in Loveland is legendary. Now, they're No. 1 again and are giving out Blizzards to celebrate.

If you stood beside the marquee for Loveland's Dairy Queen and looked around, you could point out many establishments that have come and gone over the course of nearly 40 years while the DQ has remained, putting smiles on people's faces.

According to the Reporter-Herald, Loveland's Dairy Queen has done so much business that they're once again the company's No. 1 seller in the nation for the third consecutive year.

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To celebrate being No. 1, the outlet be 'giving away free Blizzards' during the weekend of March 5-7, 2021. I put that in quotes because you DO get a free Blizzard, but in the form of a coupon that you'll get after buying a DQ treat which will be good on your next visit.

A free Blizzard is a free Blizzard, right? Heck ya.

Craig Lindberg has owned Loveland's Dairy Queen for 39 years and is known throughout town for being a great guy and huge community supporter. I have a friend who always brings up how Craig and DQ sponsored his little league team back in the day.

Loveland's DQ has a great spot with plenty of outdoor seating and a little 'park' with sculptures. I would hate to see them move, but I would not be surprised if, someday, they make the decision to find a bigger place.

But, in that respect, Loveland's DQ is like Loveland's Dairy Delite on the far west side of town; they've also been there for decades with their tiny little shop, which is just fine with them.

Get more about getting your free Blizzard from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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